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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Another wonderful surprise....

This past week, I was contacted about my entry in this year's "ExploreThis! 11" online exhibit with the Colored Pencil Society of America.  As always, I was VERY excited to be selected again for the show with a piece entitled "All In A Day's Work" completed with colored pencil, paint and ink markers on Canson marker paper.  It was a departure from my normal work as of late to a more hyper-realism style of my college years.  Luckily for me, it caught the eye of the jurist and...

It won second place!!!

Officially, the CPSA District Chapters Award for Exceptional Merit ($1,000)!  And let me tell you, I about floated out of my shoes!  As I've said numerous times here, the crazy-talented artists of CPSA always amaze me and I count myself lucky to even garner a spot in these shows.  This is my second "ExploreThis!" exhibit, which means I need to be accepted into one more to gain my CPX signature status.  Plus I have one more year to be accepted into the CPSA International to gain my 5 year merit pin.  Not bad for only entering since 2008, kid (missed the deadline, joined late in 2007)!

I noticed I didn't previously mention last year's International.  I was also juried into that for my fourth year with the piece "Season of Remembrance" which you can see in my gallery.  Unfortunately, I was unable to make it out to Daytona, Florida for the convention - man, what a year to miss...all that sunshine, sand and those artsy friends!!!  But there will be other years - maybe Atlanta this year, who knows!  :)

Just want to remind you to continue to pursue your talents and dreams, no matter what people might say.  You never know where those dreams will take you!


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