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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pssssst! I had a secret....

Hey everyone!  Hope y'all are keeping cool during these dog days of summer....

If you read my last post, you know that 2013 was a great year for me as a member of the Colored Pencil Society of America.  I was juried into my 3rd International show which allowed me to achieve the coveted "Signature Status" I was endeavoring toward.  But, along with this, there was another little bit of info that I wasn't able to tell anyone until the banquet in Brea, CA. at the beginning of August....  I actually won an award!!!!!  WOOOWHOOOO!!!!

Let me tell you, if you've EVER viewed the work of the members of CPSA, you will know what an honor an privilege winning an award at the International really is.  When I got the call in June, I practically floated on air - I just couldn't believe it!  I was given an "Award of Excellence!"   If you'd like to see the award winners from the show, here's a link:

See what I was up against????  LOL  That's some seriously crazy-good artwork!  Now I have to start working on something for the Explore This! Online Exhibit.  ARGH!

Have a great week and wish me luck!  :)


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Great News! 2013 CPSA International & Signature Status

Hey again Y'all!

Great news update! My piece entitled “Soul Plexus – Tulips With Pearl Chakras” was juried into the 2013 CPSA International Exhibition at the City of Brea Gallery in Brea, CA., this year from July 31 to September 13, 2013! I will be receiving my “Signature Status” which allows me, as a colored pencil artist, to use the CPSA formally after my name. Needless to say, I'm VERY excited about this as it has been a goal since I joined CPSA in late 2007! :)

If you've been following the blog, you know that I have had a couple of setbacks in the jurying process when it comes to the CPSA International. The last couple of years, I pushed the limit of what might be palatable to the jurists and came away empty-handed because of it. So this year (or beginning right after last year's rejection), I focused on using a more palatable floral motif but put a different spin on it by creating a slight kaleidoscopic effect. By playing with one of my photos...cropping, duplicating, flipping, mirroring, improvising...I was able to create an interesting composite image that finally caught the eye of this year's judge. I had a feeling this one might do the trick and this would be my “3 out of 10” Signature year!

My next goal will be to receive my CPX which is the CPSA “Explore This” Signature Status. “Explore This” encompasses any colored pencil artwork that also includes some other medium which makes it ineligible for the 100% colored pencil International shows. Many CPSA artists work in other mediums so it's a great avenue to show off their mixed medium works. This will be a bit different for me as I have been focusing solely on colored pencil for their exhibitions for the past six years (maybe I did this a bit backward? LOL)! I am actually working on a piece right now which I hope to have juried into next year's “Explore This” online exhibit. Did I mention that it's an online exhibition? That sure will make it easier on the wallet as the shipping and traveling can really get expensive!

But, besides all that, let me just say that the quality of work in even this online exhibition is nothing short of mind-blowing. It's still not going to be an easy feat to make it in to the “Explore This” events. I'm never under any delusion of winning anything when it come to these big shows full of talent – I'm just so grateful that I get in every so often! If you don't believe me, just take a saunter through the pages of CPSA's website of past exhibitions, both the International and the “Explore This” shows.... It will make your jaw drop!

Prepare to have your mind blown that it's colored pencil....

Dream big! :)

Dream Series Artwork - Flying Dreams

Hello all!

Since it has been a while since my last entry, I wanted to get something up just to let everyone know that I'm still alive! LOL Unfortunately, life often interferes with our artistic time, but I have been able to accomplish a few things while I've been attending to other areas....

Since I last updated the site, I decided to work on a series of drawings I called my “Dream Series,” many of which included images of flying figures. The experience of flight in my dreams has always fascinated and energized me. I'm not sure how many of you also have dreams of flying but, for me, it almost seems second nature – if only I could bring the experience into my waking hours (I wish I could try those new wing suits)! As you can see from several of the pieces, I tend to experience two different types of flight...the first is a floating, kite-like, dipping and darting, and the second is an actual bird-like soaring where arms and legs are used for steering, banking and acceleration/braking. You can see examples of these in the pieces entitled “Dream Series - High Wire,” “Dream Series – Dream Vacation” and “Dream Series – Into The Light.”  Check them out here!

In the “High Wire” piece, I also allude to a phenomenon I used to experience in my younger years where I would fly only so high when faced with getting over high tension wires – usually just lifting my legs and scraping my butt over the top of them. I'd also have instances where I'd reach a ceiling height of about 30 feet, then stop abruptly as if the wind left my sails (something like Wile E. Coyote realizing he doesn't have any ground underneath him anymore), and plummet. Thank goodness that doesn't happen anymore! I'm sure psychoanalysts would have a field day with this, huh? LOL

But nowadays, I control my flight like a pro when I'm lucky enough to have a flying dream. I wish I knew what triggered them because I'd do it every time I closed my eyes, if I could! Gee...wonder why I have an affinity for my fine, feathered friends? :)

Happy flying and I hope you like the pieces!


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